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Come About With Callahan Divide

There are many days when I get emails asking me to listen to this CD or watch that video but when I was asked by my friend Kimberly Brian to give a listen to the new Callahan Divide EPK (electronic press kit), Come About, and watch the video (found below), I definitely gave it a higher priority.  Kimberly doesn’t usually work with artists who aren’t GREAT (Dolly Shine, Six Market Blvd, Charla Corn) so I knew this would be right up my alley.

Callahan Divide

Come About  was produced by Kolbe Elston and the 5 tracks are:

1. “Happy” – Written By: Colton Fox (2 Versions, Explicit and Radio – personally I love the EXPLICIT one 🙂
2. “Cut & Run” – Written By: Garrett Bryan & Lynn Pierce – Great song!
3. “Pirate” – Lead Vocals: Garrett Bryan; Written By: Garrett Bryan & Lynn Pierce – Wow just wow!  Cool tune.
4. “Cast Me Away” – Written By: Garrett Bryan & Cory Jenkins – That Garrett Bryan can write!
5. “White Rock Lady” – Written By: Colton Fox – LOVE!

Here’s the video – you’ll want to watch it as it gives a great description of the who, the what and the why of this band.  PLUS it’s the exclusive premiere on my little ol blog!

My take after listening/watching: Did you dig early Cross Canadian Ragweed?  Six Market Blvd?  Thieving Birds?

First let me say, NO, I am not saying they sound like those bands…they no doubt have a sound that is all their own.  But what I am saying is these guys are making music that will last!

Find out more about them here:  You can also find the band on social media – FB, Instagram and Twitter – they also have a band snapchat, CallahanDivide.

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