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Nope, I didn’t even watch it (even though I said I was gonna!).  I did watch snippets from it.  And here’s the bottom line … an amazing artist who has been busting his ass for many years in the scene has finally been “discovered” … of course, I’m talking about Chris Stapleton!  He’s awesome and it’s GREAT that he’s being recognized.

Will his music sales increase? Goodness, I hope so.  I can’t imagine it wouldn’t. Chris Stapleton

The real questions are … how long will it take Nashville record labels to start changing the way the music is produced to sound … you know Country … like Chris’?  Or will they try to “change” him and his sound?

I’m pretty sure the latter won’t happen if Chris is the type of person I think he is.

Any bets if the former happens however?  Which current Nashville act do you think will make the next “COUNTRY” album?

OR could this be the turning point we’ve all been waiting for?  Will more of our amazing artists in the Texas/Red Dirt music scene finally get the recognition they deserve?  THIS is what I am hoping for!

3 Comments on CMAs

  1. I don’t wanna get my hopes up too much, but I think this could be the catalyst for the turning point. He’s obviously well respected by everyone and with the stamp of approval from JT that Stapleton is cool might get those pop country/pop fans on board.

  2. NO MORE POP PLEASE, LET THE POPPERS STAY AWAY! They have already wrecked Country Music.

  3. Barbara Musgraves // November 9, 2015 at 10:06 pm // Reply

    I was there and pretty much felt there was little true country, more poppy mixture. A friend texted and asked if I was at the MTV show. Chis may be the turning point if he wants it. Down to earth guy it seems who may not want to do more than make his music. Overall it was disappointing.

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