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Artists Tell Us What Their Digging

James Lann2

James Lann

We’re more than halfway through the year and a lot of great Texas/Red Dirt songs have come through our radio waves…I was wondering what our favorite artists were digging these days (and, no, they couldn’t choose one of their own!).

James Lann: “I haven’t been able to pull out the new record by Sam Riggs and the Night People.  ‘Long Shot’ is an awesome track as well as ‘Angolas Lament.’  The whole record is awesome and let me tell you it’s hard for this ol boy to say that about most records nowadays.  This is a class act front to back and worth double the price!”

Bubba Westly: “‘Losing Side Of Twenty Five’ by American Aquarium.”

Jeff Grossman of Saints Eleven: “Zac Wilkerson – ‘Middle of the Night’…this song makes me get down to my underwear and socks and dance around like one of the Four Tops in my living room.”

Matt Smithey of Fools Of The Trade: “I’ve gotta say ‘Jayton and Jill’ by Zane Williams is the one for me.”

Kevin Fowler3

Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler: “I’m a big fan of William Clark Green’s ‘Sympathy.’   I think it’s super catchy.”

Matt from Matt & The Herdsmen: “Mine would be Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen ‘Standards’ off their album Hold My Beer Vol. 1.”

Shane Barnhill: “‘Horseshoes and Hand Grenades’ by John Slaughter.”

Tyler Rogers: “Callahan Divide’s ‘Happy’ – that’s a great song!”

Junior Gordon: “If I can’t pick ‘I’d Find You,’ Lol.  By far, I would have to say Aaron Watson’s ‘That Look.'”

Jeremy Steding: “I absolutely love ‘Ringling Road,’ by William Clark Green, which is going to be his next single!  I also really dig ‘Tell Me’ by Dix Hat Band, and I like their whole Appalachian/Celtic/Folk infused brand of Texas Country!”

Bart Crow: “‘If These Old Bones Could Talk,’ by Matt Hillyer.  He’s as excellent songwriter, not to mention guitar player and friend, as this state has.  Period.”

Some great songs for sure!  What has been YOUR favorite tune of 2015 so far?

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