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A Jewish Hippie Walks Into a Bar

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke!  It’s one reason I have two books on my Christmas wish list: Ray Wylie Hubbard’s A Life…Well, Lived and Ray Benson’s Comin’ Right At Ya!  The Jewish hippie I’m talking about is, of course, Ray Benson.

Ray Bensons book

It’s described as “A who’s who of American popular music fills this lively memoir, in which Ray Benson recalls how a Philadelphia Jewish hippie and his bandmates in Asleep at the Wheel turned on generations of rock and country fans to Bob Wills–style Western swing.”

Ray talks about the book in this interview with the University of Texas:

How could we NOT want to read something like that?!

This memoir, as well as Ray Wylie’s, are now available!  Pick them up for your favorite music buff!  It’d be ok if you got me one too. 😉

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