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7 Most Annoying Things Fans Do

Last week we covered the ‘7 Most Annoying Things Artists Do’ (read that post here).  Well, it’s only fair to turn the tables and ask the Artists what they think is the most annoying thing that a FAN does!  And they had a few responses!

1. When a fan asks the band, “Can I sit in for a few songs?” My friend Kevin Bull with the Josh Fuller Band brought this one and it was the #1 LIKED response.  Todd Purifoy added following: “I’ve seen Jack Ingram allow a rowdy fan, who apparently thought himself to be quite hilarious, come up on stage and take the mic.  Crickets…uncomfortable laughter…and one dude who will NEVER do that again.”

2. Requesting songs that are obviously NOT appropriate to the artist they are asking.  Donnie Waits posted this response: “Now do I look like I cover ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman?’ And B.W. Stevenson wrote ‘My Maria’ so had you requested that I would have played it.  I kept them as souvenirs.”  Donnie posted this picture, too.
stupid requests3. Trying to score free tickets or merchandise.  
Mandi Powell responded, “‘Can I just have a shirt, koozie, CD?’  Sure. When you pay to have them made, you can have as many as you’d like.”

Bri Bagwell added: “Texting ‘what time do you play?’  When it’s posted on evvverrryy social media platform usually stands for ‘can I have free tickets?'”

4. Anything they are doing with their phones.  Kenny Allen reminded us that “If you’re just gonna mess around with your phone and video tape the show, just go home and watch the seventeen other videos of the show that will be recorded that night.”

5. Asking to be put on a guest list and then not showing up.  Justin Van Sant pointed out that one. And he’s right, it’s just rude.

6. Talking over the band/artist.  Bryan Shayne said,”Not paying attention to the band and having loud conversations.  I mean – its a bar.  Thats cool, but don’t sit up front and complain about the volume. My favorite so far was the guy that came up and said ‘your sound is not set right – its too loud. I’m a sound guy and its way too loud for bar conversations. You need some of those speakers facing you so you can hear better.’ To which I answer as I am removing my earbuds – ‘you mean monitors, chief?.  I say thanks and think sit down and STHU!'”

7. Demanding an artists attention during a show.  Cody Braun had a few responses but this one was super popular: “The fan who gives the band the ‘come here now wiggly finger’ all while screaming out requests or demands and expects the band to stop what they are doing and play their song now and or wish their friend happy birthday/anniversary.  They always seem to do this while the band is in the middle of playing a song so even if a band member quits playing, walks over to the edge of the stage and leans down, nine times out of ten they can’t hear a word the fan is saying.  We have a set list and are trying to concentrate on playing and singing.  No matter how easy an artist makes it look on stage it is nearly impossible to play an instrument while singing and have a conversation with a person you cant hear.  If you must interrupt the show write your request on a napkin, or a $20! LOL!”

There were other responses to my question on social media.  Here are a few more that I thought we re just plain awesome:

Mandi Powell: “Asking me to play something more ‘upbeat’ that they can ‘dance’ to.  Ma’am, we’re in a wine room…”

Josh Fuller “What do you mean you don’t know ____________?!”

Alex Weeden “‘My friend is her biggest fan! Can you please get her to call/sign a guitar/give a shout out on the microphone? Or ‘we’re having a backyard Bbq party at our house. What would y’all charge to come play it?'”

Jeff Patterson “Not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, what I’m reading here doesn’t seem to be the actions of true fans. Those of us that truly understand & appreciate the music.  Sounds more like the actions of tail riders name droppers & garden variety assholes. IMHO”

John Loring “Telling me who I sound like.”

Ziggy Moonshine “Can I play your guitar?”

Jon Richardson “Telling me I’m a great drummer…or fiddle player.”

Mike Ethan Messick “I just hate it when fans have never heard of me, or they have and still don’t give a damn. They need to cut that out.  More seriously…it can really be a bummer when audience members want to get up and play. Sure, there are occasional situations where the vibe is loose enough to allow for that kind of stuff. But usually that is the kind of thing that can aggravate the bar owners, the rest of the audience, the sound guy if there is one, etc. so even if you are a nice guy with your ego firmly in check, you are probably going to have to say no. And even if you do let it happen, you’re bound to hit that awkward moment where the fan overstays the welcome, can’t get through the song, etc. and you have to get them outta there. There’s a lot of open mic nights and karaoke bars out there, there’s way better places to scratch that performer itch without making it weird for everyone.

Chance Cody “I hate it when they don’t show up.”

And Thom Shepherd posted this great song as a response!

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