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7 Most Annoying Things Artists Do…

Annoying habits that artists have?  I thought it would be fun to ask that and see what our peeps thought…and boy did I get an “earful!”

Here are the top ones:

1. Name Dropping. (This had multiple entries.)  Mandi Powell; “Name dropping.  On or offstage.”  Matthew Glenn Parrish: “Name dropping.  My friend Tracy Byrd and I were just talking about how we hate name droppers…”

2. Not recognizing the opening band onstage.  Destiny Havard: “Not recognize the ‘opener’ … Thank them, folks.”

3. Talking about personal problems on social media.  Rita Ballou: “Embarrassing their wife on Twitter by melting down for the world to see about their infidelity and then asking for people to respect their privacy after they just made it public.  Hypothetically, of course.”

4. Yelling “Holler & Swaller” every time they take a drink onstage.  Amanda Brown: “Holler and swaller’s.”

5. Yelling “Somebody Scream!” Lysette Lerma: “‘Somebody scream!!!’  Over.   And over.   And over again while on stage.  (Or any other cheesy line.)”

6. Covering Luke Bryan. Justin van Sant: “Cover Luke Bryan.”  Michael Broussard added: “Or any other Bro-country act.”

7. Getting aunts, uncles and other family members & friends to call into radio stations to request their songs.  Kenny Allen: “Getting their aunts, uncles, parents, cousins, etc. to call radio stations that they can’t even hear to request their song over and over.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Here were just a few more of the responses…like I said, this was a very “popular” question!

Megan Dienst: “Lack of fan interaction.”

Gene Dries “Asking ‘How Ya Doin’ (whatever city they are in)?”

Jason Smith: “Constantly tuning out of habit not out of necessity.”

Scott Morris: “Sing badly.”

Michael Broussard: “1) reading the lyrics or music off their iPad, 2) engaging in social media posts while performing.  And of course, SUCKING.”

Scott Kutach: “Canned shows..Telling a story about the song or why it’s was written is OK, but saying the same thing or complimenting the crowd/city at the same time at every show is a turn off. Very impersonal and the reason I don’t go to big shows anymore.”

Esther Guerra: “Talking bad about other artists.”

Steven Kahla: “Truck Selfies.”

Josie Drenner: “Taking a photo that was taken of them & cropping out the photog’s logo and/or using a barfy filter. And not giving photo credit. Oh hell no. How would they like it if their name was left off of their album?”

Mike Ethan Messick: “That thing where they try to make a contest between two different sides of the crowd to see who can scream or chant or whatever the loudest. I wouldn’t do that at my shows, and not just because there would only be four people on either side.”

Joey Green: “Drop f bombs on stage.”

Daniel Koller: “Artists who don’t really know the city but try to find common ground with the audience anyway.  Like saying ‘I haven’t been here much but I really do love the city and every time I come I can’t pass up’…[insert stupid thing your city is known for but locals hate. Like the Alamo/Riverwalk in San Antonio, 6th Street in Austin, The Stockyards in Fort Worth etc.]  We get tourists will be tourists.  We don’t hate our city, we really don’t.  But we live here.  No one goes to 6th, the Riverwalk, Stockyards etc unless we have to because downtown is a headache, and traffic and parking sucks.”

Michael Berry: “Not let me come sing with ’em.”

Jess L Fischer: “Advertising family friendly shows and then dropping the f bomb ever 4:45, telling inappropriate stories about drugs and getting high, etc. My kid likes music, I like taking her to shows when appropriate, but I don’t like spending $ on a ticket and leaving 15 mins in because you don’t know the real meaning of family friendly. I don’t care if you show your kids how to roll, mine don’t need that info. Lol”

Kenny Allen: “Writing a song with the latest bandwagon buzzword in the title because some other artist is climbing the chart with it. It happens about every three months and it’s usually the same artists that criticize Nashville artists for being cheap hacks (which most of them are but that’s a different blog).”

Hope Sessions: “Talk crap about other artist on stage or online. Also, telling you they have merchandise for sale. We know, we support you that’s why we’re here!”

Judy Hight Farris: “Walking onstage dressed like they just mowed the lawn … Singing with their eyes closed.”

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