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2014’s Best?

Hard to believe another year has come and (almost) gone.  But the beauty that is OUR KIND OF MUSIC is still going pretty strong with some great tunes!

I thought it would be kind of fun to compare a few end of year lists.  Here are some of the top mainstream Nashville songs from and my two cents (which keep in mind, is worth less than that, LOL):

Maddie and Tae “Girl in a Country Song” – while I appreciate them trying to point out the bro country movement is stupid…this doesn’t do it for me.

Kenny Chesney, “American Kids” – don’t know it but can assume it’s a typical Chesney tune.

Dierks Bentley “Drunk on a Plane” – Seriously?  I love Dierks but this song…ugh.

Florida Georgia Line’s “Dirt” – Can’t stand these two…sorry not sorry.

Tim McGraw “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s”   – saw this video the other day and poor Tim does NOT look healthy.

I can honestly say I’ve only heard two of those and it was completely by accident.  LOL!

Now take a look at the songs that were BIG hits in the Texas music world per the Texas Music Chart:

Cody Johnson “Me and My Kind” – this is a real Country song.  Jeez I wish Nashville would remember what that is!

William Clark Green “Hanging Around” – I love WCG and his music…and this song is no different.

Roger Creager “River Songs” – Roger’s songs are always fun.

Wade Bowen “When I Woke Up Today” – ok, so if ya’ll have read my blog before you probably know that I’m a big Wade Bowen fan.  Enough said. 🙂

Stoney LaRue “Golden Shackles” – I hadn’t heard it before doing this blog so I gave it a listen and yep, it’s a fun song to drive with the windows down and turn up loud…plus you gotta love the fiddle!

Kevin Fowler “Love Song” and “Panhandle Poorboy” – Like Creager, Kevin’s songs are always fun and the first one is definitely that.  As for “Panhandle Poorboy,” it’s a tune that throws you back to some of his earlier tunes and that’s a good thing.

Sunny Sweeney “Bad Girl Phase” – Sunny’s musical influences (Loretta Lynn, for one) shine through her music and I honestly haven’t heard a bad tune from her!

So I guess the bottom line from today’s blog is I still don’t like mainstream Country music!  🙂

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