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Before I can get started, I need you to know where I’ve been.  In November, 2000, I helped create and start the Texas Music Chart, the original radio station airplay chart for Texas and Red Dirt Music! We contacted radio stations across Texas (and eventually Oklahoma) who immediately said YES when asked if they wanted to be a part of our reporting Baseball mamapanel. They knew there was a love for this type of music and were already playing independent artists on their stations such as Kevin Fowler, Pat Green and Cory Morrow!

Now why did we start this music chart? Because not only was it obvious that there was a ton of support for this type of music but we were fans of it too! Growing up in Austin, I vaguely remember going to Armadillo World Headquarters where I danced down front listening to the Charlie Daniels Band. And there was always Willie Nelson or Waylon Jennings playing on my families’ radios! As a teenager, I remember listening to Robert Earl Keen’s “Road Goes On Forever” and Guy Clark’s “LA Freeway” and of course “Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother” from the one and only Ray Wylie Hubbard. So needless to say, Texas music started for me a LONG time ago.

I’m married to my best friend Ken and we have an awesome baseball playin’, football lovin’, fishin’ and huntin’ son, JT!

I’d like to also take this opportunity to welcome my associate, Kris Green!  Kris is married to Shane and they are residents of Cedar Park, TX.  Kris has a deep background in the Nashville music scene and a big fan of the Texas music scene as well.  She is helping me come up with the great articles you are reading here.  Thank you, Kris!